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Despite the hair transplant services offered to thousands of people, our healthcare team knows that each patient is special and analyzes with comprehensive examinations.

We support you before and after hair transplantation with budget-friendly hair transplant planning. We follow up the process with regular checks.

With the right health products and supplementary interventions like PeRePe, we ensure happy patients.

On 04.09.2021, transplantation was performed with the dhi process. Only the sparse parts of my hair and the openings in the front parts were transplanted. Since I was uncomfortable with the opening at the top, I wanted a dense transplantation at the rate. I felt comfortable thanks to their communication. In the following periods, I will update my photos and comments on Google Maps as the results show up 🙂

Ibrahim Karayaman

I had hair transplantation at Anatolia Hair Transplantation Center Yeliz Damar's clinic in Alanya. As a result of my 2 years of research, I reached Ms. Yeliz, I saw many successful procedures of her. I had an operation with a pleasant conversation because there was no pain and you. I would like to thank Ms. Yeliz and her team for their interest and attention.

Erhan Dogan

I am writing this comment with the most sincere feelings. I have been thinking about hair transplantation for 1-2 years and finally decided to have a transplant at the beginning of January 2020. I searched a lot of places for hair transplantation and I would like to thank Yeliz DAMAR and her excellent team, who I believe are successful in their business and give me that confidence, for not negating my trust.

Safak Yilmaz

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Our New Website is Online!
Our New Website is Online!

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